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RT-800 & RF-36-M Router Table Fence

RT-800 & RF-36-M Router Table Fence

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After decades of research and development, Harvey is excited to introduce the new COMPASS Router Table System, which is composed of these parts.

✔️ RT-800 a heavy-duty Cast Iron Table (800x590 router table for wide table)

✔️ RF-36-M an innovative Fence System

x RT-DC a well-thought-out dust collection cabinet (not included in this price)

The Harvey COMPASS RF-36 Router Table Fence is delicately designed to solve the most popular issues with existing fences in the market. It is built with a special "Dual Fine-Tuning" Mechanism to allow for fine adjustment of Fence in-line position and out-feed fence face offset position with high accuracy and ease.

The design will tremendously increase the efficiency of a router table tuning and the accuracy of your work. It is equipped with two flip stops for your multiple cutting length control.

The RT-DC dust port is aerodynamically optimized for the best dust collection efficiency.

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