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BUNDLE: ALPHA HW110S-36P BLACK EDITION (400V-3 phase) + BIG EYE B36 + MG36 Compass Miter Gauge

BUNDLE: ALPHA HW110S-36P BLACK EDITION (400V-3 phase) + BIG EYE B36 + MG36 Compass Miter Gauge

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Enhance your woodworking precision and efficiency with the BUNDLE, designed to meet the needs of professional and hobbyist woodworkers alike. Buy today and transform your table saw experience!

BUNDLE with:

  1. ALPHA HW110S-36P BLACK EDITION (400V-3 phase)
  2. BIG EYE B-36 Rip Fence System

1. ALPHA HW110S-36P BLACK EDITION (400V-3 phase)

Table saw with dovetail guide 400V/50HZ/3PH/4KW, CE. Parallel guide up to 91 cm right 30,5 cm left of saw, saw blade adjustable to the LEFT up to 45 degrees. (model 2022)

2. BIG EYE B-36 Rip Fence System

This high-quality rip fence is essential for a table saw to achieve desirable cutting precision and safety. Traditional "T-square" style designs often fall short in accuracy, repeatability, and ease of operations. Woodworkers typically face challenges with sloppy rail guiding and structural displacement, leading to multiple trial cuts to achieve precision.

The BIG EYE Rip Fence System addresses these issues with innovative features:

  1. Dual-axis Linear Guide Rail System: Ensures smooth, friction-free movement with eight bearings gliding along hardened steel rods, maintaining exceptional accuracy (0.15mm full length).

  2. Synchronized Dual-end Fence Locking Mechanism: Allows single-action clamping at both ends, preventing fence drift during cutting and maintaining accuracy within 0.02mm (0.0008").

  3. Durability and Precision: Crafted from anodized aircraft aluminum, hardened steel, and stainless steel, providing excellent corrosion and wear resistance.

  4. Versatile Fence Positions: Adjustable high/low fence plates for different wood thicknesses, and easily switchable positions for enhanced flexibility.

  5. User-friendly Adjustments: Features micro-adjustment knobs and flip stops for precise, repeatable cuts, along with a polished stainless steel handle for intuitive operation.

  6. Universal Installation: Slot-style installation fits various table saw models, compatible with brands like SawStop, Powermatic, JET, and more.

3. MG-36-P Compass Miter Gauge

With this tool you can trust and will achieve your intended results.

  1. It saves precious time
  2. Saves money by eliminating mistakes
  3. And most important it is simply fun to use 
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